AMF?Tools Co., Ltd.,?

                          AMF?Tools Co., Ltd.,?specializes in design, development and sales of professional construction hand tools.It was renamed by AMF?International Trade Co., Ltd. With?continuous efforts and development over the last 17 years, AMF?has been among the?world?leading suppliers of construction tools and is the main supplier of professional construction tools in China domestic?market.

                          The reliability and professionalism of?our tools have been highly recognized and trusted by the industry. Since year 2002 , we have been making?OEM?tools for?American customers. Each and every product?has been processed and manufactured in strict accordance with US?quality standards. Meanwhile, our products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions, such as Britain, France, Spain, Belgium, Japan, India, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Depending on the highly guaranteed product quality and competitive price, the sales of AMF tools products have been expanding?rapidly?over the years in both the domestic and overseas market ?.

                          We?have?a full?range of products. As the first pioneer manufacturer of magnesium alloy tools in China, AMF?has overwhelming?advantages?over other suppliers. Our products, with their professionalism and excellence, can?greatly meet the requirements?of different customers and?create value and?profits for?our?customers .

                          Adhering to the business philosophy of "Quality First, Customer First", and relying on continuous improvement and innovation, AMF?will?always be?committed to providing customers with high-quality construction tools and excellent after-sales service.

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